Apr 29, 2010

.poison ivy.

When you have something like this, don't ever let it go. We aren't talking about the black Maurie and Eve shorts, or the taupe ASOS tie up boots (drool). We are talking about each other.
Irreplaceable. Cliché much?

.sabotage 101.

In our opinion, the best purchases are those that have the least significant impact on your monthly bill. Unfortunately, they don't come around often enough. But when they do, we are sure to buy one in every color.

There is nothing like feeling as though you have ripped off the shop keeper.

P.s Dorothy Perkins.. we love you.

.leather studded kiss.

We love the change of seasons. Brisbane is full of sunshine, so wearing our heavy designer jackets / cheap knitted treasures is a treat.

Layering is a must.
Or you could just throw on your warmest knit over some underwear.
Either or.

.stranger in moscow.

Dedicated to the anti-sabos of the world. What is a sabo you may ask? Quite simply, it is a two-faced, back stabbing, self-centred person out to sabotage everyone / everything that they consider to be a threat.

We think everyone has at least one sabo surrounding them.. and a little inner sabo of their own.

Sound familiar?

.sabo skirt.. All rights reserved. © Maira Gall.