Jun 28, 2012

Life Through Instagram - June


1/ Thessy wears the White Eyelet Dress and Sunglasses both coming soon to 2/ A quote to inspire our followers 3/ Our new office slowly filling up with new furniture 4/ Yiota's outfit of the day 5/ Picking colours from fabric swatches for our line 6/ Behind the scenes of our photoshoot, Caitlyn wears Moss Lace Blouse 7/ Thessy and Sabo Skirt model Caitlyn Paterson having a little photo shoot fun 8/ Another quote for our IG followers, we've started to do a "quote of the week"

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Jun 26, 2012


Thessy (Sportsgirl Dress, Topshop Knit, Fine Gold Rings coming soon to, Senso Wedges, Celine Bag, Michael Kors Watch)

These photographs were actually taken in between photographing our model for the shop, which was the only time this week we could fit in a blog post. Our photographs seem to be getting less frequent, and our faces seem to be looking more tired due to the amount of work we are doing at the moment. We try our hardest to do blog posts as often as possible but at times it seems our shop consumes 100% of our time. Gone are the days of being uni students and blogging every single day about new purchases and latest trends because we had nothing else to do. It is all worth it though, we really do have the best jobs in the whole world.

Jun 22, 2012

I Do

Thessy (Long Lola Top - White, Floral Skirt coming soon, Topshop Heels, Michael Kors watch, Fine Gold Rings/Sunglasses coming soon)
Something about this top screams "bridal" to us, in a vintage kind of way. The amazing long-lace sleeves and delicate high-neckline remind us of the latest looks pictured in bridal magazines. For those who do not know, we both got engaged earlier this year, so we have not one, but two weddings in the not so distant future to plan.

Jun 20, 2012

Winter Weather

Yiota (Sabo Skirt Shorts/Blouse/Sunglasses coming soon, ASOS Heels, Celine Bag) 

We get a lot comments regarding our attire in the winter weather here in Brisbane, Australia. The truth is, our State is actually known as "The Sunshine State" because very rarely is it true winter weather. We can get away with wearing a blouse and shorts, during the day when the sun is out. There is definitely a down side though, we never get a chance to wear heavy coats and layers upon layers of clothing. We're not complaining though, hot weather 10 out of 12 months is fine by us!


Jun 18, 2012


Thessy (Aqua Floral Blazer and Shorts, Mint Slouch Blouse coming soon, Michael Kors watch, Bird Bracelet coming soon)

This past weekend we went to our local Westfield shopping centre, the first time in probably a year or so, and we were delighted to see floral pieces popping up everywhere. At times we literally ask each other "will this sell?" because we don't know if customers will understand the 'off the catwalk' trend. It was definitely a relief to see florals covered in physical stores, it's definitely good to know everyone else is following the floral trend also. We do miss our regular weekly shopping trips that we used to do before we opened the shop, but the truth is there is nothing like online shopping. International trends, at your doorstep. Bliss.
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