Jul 30, 2012


Yiota (Split Back Lace Top, Zara Pants/Clutch/Heels, Gold Oversized Watch, Oversized Sunglasses coming soon to

Apart from the top, watch and sunglasses, absolutely everything Yiota is wearing in this outfit was purchased from Zara. Living in Brisbane, Australia we don't have access to any Zara stores, and even the occasional visit to the Zara store in Sydney is not satisfying at all because everything is always sold out. They do have an online shop but they don't ship to Australia which is a big bummer. So how did we purchase these amazing items do you ask? After connecting with one of our all time favourite singers through instagram, Jordyn Taylor, we quickly became close virtual friends. Jordyn lives in the USA, so being the lovely soul that she is, kindly accepted our request to forward on any parcels with orders we make from the US that don't ship internationally. Jordyn is the biggest sweetheart and ridiculously talented. Listen to our favourite song by Jordyn Taylor here.

Jul 25, 2012

Eyelet And Embroidery

Thessy (Zimmermann Playsuit, ASOS clutch, Sabo Skirt Thin Gold Rings, Alexander Wang Heels)

We've been undeniably drawn to white eyelet and embroidered pieces particularly after Louis Vuitton reincarnated the eyelet trend. We spotted this white eyelet playsuit by Zimmermann and purchased it without even looking at the price tag, which is something we don't do often. We've always loved fresh, white pieces but this romper gives an extra romantic and innocent touch that we haven't seen in a long time! You'll be seeing a lot of eyelet and cotton lace hitting our store soon, as well as embroidered, intricate pieces! The best part of all is you know it will be affordable, only at

Jul 23, 2012

Stripe Syndrome

Get the look: Mint Stripe Knit, Selena Shorts - Latte 

We've loved stripes for God knows how long, but we've never known how to introduce them into the store without carrying ultra simple and basic pieces. We've been working on ways to make stripes casual but with an edge, so they don't just look like every other stripe piece. We saw this stripe knit in a stock label and knew we had to stock it! The crop style and semi box fit is just perfect, not to mention the warm earthy colours. Look out for more stripe pieces coming to Sabo Skirt soon.

Model: Caitlyn Paterson

Jul 17, 2012


Thessy (Viva Glam Skirt, Raspberry Knit (back in stock soon), Michael Kors Watch, Handmade Hope Bracelet, Heart Mid Knuckle Ring)

We've never been big fans of red, until now. We felt red always looked better on blondes but now we're slowly starting to inject red into our wardrobes, and into the shop. Wearing red can be challenging in winter, our faded white skin seems even whiter when contrasted next to such a bold colour. Since we started wearing florals, we're wearing all sorts of colours that we never used to wear. If you have been following our blog from the very start, you will know what we're talking about; we literally only used to wear black, white and grey. Gone are those days!

Jul 13, 2012

French Lace

Yiota (Soot French Lace Top, Finders Keepers Shorts, Sunglasses coming soon)

The love we have for this top is ridiculous. It really isn't helping our all white and lace addiction, that we're trying to peel ourselves away from. The french lace detail makes our hearts melt, and the backless feature is just... we have no words. The designer of Soot is an Australian girl who actually went to Thessy's school, a few years younger. We absolutely love her unique designs, and use of textures and patterns. Just take this top for example, we think it speaks volumes.

Jul 9, 2012

Flower Crowns

Yiota (Tayla Top - White/coming soon, Vintage Dress worn as skirt, Alexander Wang Heels)

Flower crowns are our latest obsession. We've been using them in most product shots on the shop, and can't stop wearing them in our blog posts too. The rose hair piece gives such a whimsical and almost innocent feel to an outfit, and so we've decided to get them in to the shop in many colours: white, red, lilac and black (available soon). We felt that this delicate vintage dress which was worn under a new Sabo Skirt top, was the perfect combination for an all white ensemble against a random wall art fence we came across in Yiota's street. The house owners were sort of suspicious when we started taking photo's but when we smiled and said "we love your wall!" they just laughed and happily let us snap a few photographs. 

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