Sep 28, 2012


Thessy (Drape Collar Blouse, Insight Shorts, Sunglasses available next week, Gorjana Rings)

As previously mentioned, Thessy has been overseas for the past month in Europe! Now we're back together at last, we thought we would share some pictures Thessy managed to take on the trip. These photographs were taken in a small lane way next to a canal in Venice, with the cutest bridge to connect the lane ways. The weather was quite unpredictable as it's in between seasons so dressing and packing for the weather was quite a challenge. The problem with travelling is you have to be comfortable 24/7 as well as being weight conservative for luggage. Lots more pictures to come!


Sep 21, 2012

New Milestone

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We are more than excited to share the news that we have hit 500,000 followers on our Instagram profile! We have been overwhelmed by the number of amazing followers that we have obtained in the past year and look forward to all of our new followers to come. For those who have not visited our Instagram profile, it is another creative outlet in the form of pictures that we use to share our daily outfits, inspirations and shop products with our followers. Come check us out! Our username is @saboskirt


Sep 18, 2012

Two Halves

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Thessy - Plunge Back Black Tee , White Eyelet Tunic , White Flowy Dress & Crochet Split Top coming soon to

For those of you who do not know, one half of Sabo Skirt, Thessy, has been surrounded by all things Italian over the past week. Thessy has visited amazing Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice and has gone snapshot-crazy with all of the scenic surroundings and perfect backdrops. Not to mention the picturesque gelati flavours and fruit platters that lend themselves to incredible photographs. More blog posts and pictures to come! Buongiorno a tutti!


Sep 13, 2012

Mint to Powder Blue

Yiota (Plunge Bodysuit Coming Soon, Black Tulip Skirt, ASOS heels)

There is no denying that we have a slight obsession with the colour mint at the moment. Almost every new style that we create for our online store comes in a pastel mint colour way that reminds us of a mint gelati treat. In our latest creations, we've opted for another fresh, pastel colour that will do our Spring/Summer styles justice - powder blue. We love that you can wear powder blue with whites and neutrals or opt for a more dramatic look, paired with black as shown in today's post. This amazing plunge bodysuit will be available soon! 

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